CoolAir Medal of Excellence

24-Hour Personal Service Wins Cool Air Company the Bryant Medal of Excellence

When Bill Guptill bought Cool Air Company from his college professor back in 2000, he had already worked there for eight years. He knew the ropes, but he could also see the possibilities—and this year, that vision resulted in Cool Air Company winning the Bryant® Medal of Excellence (MOE). This distinction applauds the kind of ‘Whatever It Takes” level of customer service that drove Cool Air to nearly triple in size and become a year-round business in just the first four years of Bill’s tenure.

The Bryant Medal of Excellence program rewards Bryant Factory Authorized Dealers who do “Whatever It Takes” to ensure customer satisfaction while improving their overall business and excelling in their marketplace.

Cool Air fits the bill. The company provides southern New Hampshire and most of eastern Massachusetts with heating and cooling service so reliable, considerate andcomfortable for the home- or business-owner that the company has 2,200 regular and very loyal customers.

On Call, 24 Hours a Day

Bryant selects Medal of Excellence winners who display a strong commitment to providing quality products and services while ensuring that their customers are completely satisfied—a task that Bill and his wife Jen take so seriously that they have no answering service or pagers, they simply answer the phone themselves, all day and all night. Bill explains, “Our customers never have to wonder, ‘Did they get my message? Will they be able to help me?’ They know us, and they know that we will be right out to solve their problem, no matter what it is. That one-on-one personal relationship with Jen and I and our employees is huge for our customers.”

Part of the peace of mind that Cool Air Company seeks to create for its customers involves that personal relationship with each member of the team. “Our employees have been with us for more than seven years,” said Bill. “It’s nice for the customer that I can say, ‘Just visit our website, and right there on the home page you’ll see Hurl or Steve or Joel—that’s who I’m sending over this morning to help you.’ People like to know that the person coming into their home is someone they know and trust, and we totally agree!”

Make the Customer Comfortable

The Bryant Medal of Excellence is given each year to fifteen regional winners, the top performers from three tiers based on total annual sales volume. Cool Air Company has demonstrated that success does not depend on over-aggressive sales tactics.Bill Guptill said, “We never want to come in like pushy guys you can’t afford. We take a gentle approach focused on solving the customer’s problem today so they’ll call us again when they need help next time. Also, I never send someone to a customer’s home or business unless they’re qualified to solve the problem—no sales guys out front. Just me and my team, there to make the customer comfortable and do what it takes to solve their problem.”

Security for Home- and Business-owners

Based in Dracutt ,Massachusetts, Cool Air Company serves both homeowners and small businessesranging from Mom-and-Pop shops to manufacturers with many dozens of employees. Said Bill, “It means a lot to me that our customers trust us. Even our business customers with routine security concerns feel safe and comfortable having us there. We have worked hard to gain our customers’ trust, and our whole team, including Territory Manager Tom Campbell, really appreciates that when a customer calls Cool Air Company, they don’t worry or feel awkward. They just know we will take care of the problem, whatever it might be.”